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About Us

about us

Compliance Management (formerly eups) was formed in 2012, bringing together a team of highly qualified pharmaceutical professionals and Qualified Persons with many years of experience in the quality management of medicinal products in the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer a full range of consulting services geared towards helping pharmaceutical companies at all levels ensure that both their products and organisational quality structures meet  and comply with national, European and international standards and regulations.

Many companies struggle to find the balance between the economic constraints of doing business in an ever increasingly competitive market and getting access to the right people to meet their QP needs. Compliance Management (formerly eups) aims to balance this equation by providing a high quality outsourced QP and related services to customers who want to have access to top quality people on a value for money, variable cost basis.

Our team of highly trained and experienced QPs have significant experience within the pharmaceutical industry and our unique set-up gives our QPs access to a wide variety of back-up services that allow them to deliver an all-encompassing service to our clients. Our customers are not engaging an individual contract QP but are instead engaging a team of QPs with the breadth of experience that will allow us to support them in a wide range of areas.

Our mission is to provide a competitive and seamless service.