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Phase 3 – Green Zone ‘Regulatory Compliance’

Phase 3 – Green Zone ‘Regulatory Compliance’

The objective of Phase 3 is closure of the case management file by delivering on commitments, returning to full compliance and demonstrating a culture that ensures the ongoing adherence to regulatory standards.

Step 9:

Objective: Validation.
Description: Verify full closure of the action plan and remediation programme.
Inputs: Evidence Folders – Regulatory Commitments – Remediation Plan.

Step 10:

Objective: Internal Signoff.
Description: Management approval of the remediation programme completion.
Inputs: Outputs from Validation – Communication Plan..

Step 11:

Objective: Closure Communication.
Description: Communicate successful completion to the Regulator.
Inputs: Communication Plan.

Step 12:

Objective: Stage Gate 3: Regulatory Inspection.
Description: Successful Regulatory inspection.
Inputs: Site Inspection Readiness Plan.